(Yep, I know I don’t know English very WELL. Fuck it, though).

I’m so sad.

Tonight I went hanging out with my brother, sister-in-law and my childhood friends. We went to a place filled with foreigners. And wich one of them were talking to me like “hey gourgeous/ babe, what are you doin'” , like if I was some brazilian bitch who was looking for some “gringo” to make out/sex with.

But I’m not that type of girl, and when I started asking some questions about their life and where are they come from, what do they do for a living, these guys just shoot me off the conversation like if I had some contagious illness. And I felt so frustrated and sad…

I know that when you go to a club, or whatelse, you just wanna find guys or girls to flirt, make out with, or whatever. But I’ve always been the type of person who likes to KNOW people, before anything else. That’s just me!

So I just let these guys go… go and search for some girls who wanted simply to get laid. It’s normal, in every place, anywhere. People just wanna hang out and get laid.

But… I don’t know… I feel like… when you’re in a different country, living in a different culture, you want to know stuff… you are curious to learn stuff… but, actually, that’s not the reality. People just wanna to keep things superficial. I guess that’s easier to deal.

But I just can’t avoid to feel sad for those people. Those superficial people. Wherever they were born, or their culture – they are (and I’m afraid they always will be)  superficial.